Welcome to NSWTs Wiki’s Policy!
Hello, Reader! You are expected to read this policy before editing, It will help you down the line, we promise you we’ll treat our users with respect and we ask you to do the same thing too.

Thank you! - The NSW Trains wiki staff.

The Transport Administration Act, 1988 (NSW) was the Act of the NSW Parliament that established CityRail and continues to control Transport for NSW, which makes it a fitting name for the collective charter for the NSW Trains Wiki that will contain all the policies and guidelines that you are expected to follow whilst using this site. Just like an Act of Parliament can be changed, the community can propose changes to any of these policies on the respective talk page for each of these policies..

General Edit

  1. All users must be at least 13 years old to create an account here, anyone found under the age limit will be banned.
  2. Use of foul or inappropiate language will not be tolerated, Regardless whether if it’s abbreviated!
  3. Regular users shall not use Admin threats under any circumstances, if you see a user breaking the rules, don’t warn them about it, tell a staff member and they can take care of it (of course this doesn’t apply to staff as they run the wiki)
  4. While not really recommended but may be considered necessary, you can request a user to stop being mean to you but ask them nicely, in other words do not aggraviate or Harass Vandals or Spammers.
  5. Second accounts aren’t allowed, If you make a new account after being banned and found out, that account will be banned forever.
  6. And absoluty No vandalism, If you vandalise lots of pages, you get blocked straight away without warning.
  7. New accounts over the old ones should only be created if you’re original one one was stolen or wrongly blocked forever.
  8. Edit warring on pages will not be tolerated, If you want to keep your edit please explain to a Staff member why.
  9. issues from other wikis on to this wiki will not be tolerated under any circumstances, our staff can only deal with issues on here only.

Content Edit

These rules refer to specific content on a page, they all apply to content on every page.

  1. The content must be related to the page itself in some way.
  2. No uploading images from elsewhere across the internet without asking first.
  3. No Fan-made images without permission from a staff member
  4. No Duplicates of Existing images, if you‘re uploading an image, please make sure it dosen’t already exist. If you think your version is better, please ask an admin first.
  5. when Naming a specific page, please name it in this order: (for trains “Operator Class”. e.g. “Tangara” Should be named “Sydney Trains T set” as The Tangara is owned and operated by Sydney trains and is classified as a T set)
  6. No Images on pages that don’t fit in with the article
  7. when naming an image, no spaces between the words.
  8. when uploading an image please name it this way (File:OperaterClass.png) if the image is for a future subject, please add the word “Prototype”

Discussions Edit

The following (except when stated) will apply to all Article comments, Messages and Talk pages.

  1. All comments must suggest a change to The article It is posted on, they are not a place to vent opinions, such as “should they order 15 more trains” and “I like the Tangara train” they are more suitable for your personal userpage
  2. Dont answer messages left for other users.
  3. Posting on your own wall is considered spam, doing so is not ”Talking to everyone” as no one gets the notification saying you left a message.
  4. While not really mandatory but we ask all users to sign their message on their talk page using four tildes (like this -> ~~~~) So staff know who left the message

Any abuse with these rules may result in blockage - NSWT staff.

The blocking policyEdit

Main article: Project:Blocking Policy

The blocking policy on the NSW Trains Wiki explains the blocking system on the NSW Trains wiki an how you can be blocked from editing this wiki. If you are blocked from editing, you are still able to view and read pages on this wiki and edit your message wall, however the ability to edit your message wall can and will be revoked if an admin believes that you are misusing it.

At any time during your block, you can appeal it if you believe it is unjust and it will be reviewed by an admin. The methods for doing this are on the main article for this policy


Manual of StyleEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style

Because the NSW Trains Wiki contains many different types of articles the Manual of Style is divided into 5 sections detailing the different types of article writing conventions. This section details the basics of writing an article as well as article categorization and article standards

Article namingEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style#Article naming

The article naming convention refers to the naming of articles and the case they should be named in as well as what they should be named after as well as naming for disambiguation articles.

Station articlesEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style#Station Articles

This part of the manual of style dictates the suggested format for writing an article on a railway station. It does not have to be followed, however it is recommended that you follow it and any user can edit the article to make the article fit within these guidelines.

Train articlesEdit

Main article: Project:Manual of Style#Train Articles

This part of the manual of style dictates the suggested format for writing an article on a train whether it be a locomotive, set or rollingstock. It does not have to be followed, however it is recommended that you follow it and any user can edit the article to make the article fit within these guidelines.

Your usernameEdit

Main article: Project:User Policy

Users with Usernames Considered offensive or inappropriate will get blocked forever.

Your ProfileEdit

Main article: Project:Userpage Policy

The Userpage policy refers to the content accepted on a user's personal userpage, the content on that page which is acceptable and not acceptable from this policy, These rules include:

  • No Links that lead to sites that:
    • Contain Pornographic Images and videos
    • Videos with People Swearing and;
    • Promote Unsafe behaviour.
  • No putting swear words on your profile as it will always be public.
  • Do not post where you live (address), the school you go to (if student) and your age. This rule is enforced for security reasons.
  • and Absolutely no offensive content..

User rights policyEdit

Main article: Project:User Rights Policy

As well as all the rules above. The user rights policy refers to the conduct that users on this wiki will undertake if they hold any user rights and privileges that give them extra powers on this wiki. Ideally, users with rights are not above the community and hold those rights in a purely vigilante position. Please see blocking policy.-

  • No misuse or abuse of your powers
  • Users Not active for more than 4 months are considered inactive and are given the rollback status
  • Make and keep the rules fair.
  • Content And Discussions Moderators can only Warn Users in Areas of their authority, they can’t block a user., Adminis traitors and above, however, Can warn the user for Any Offence and block the user if they ignore the warning.

See also Edit

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